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Henna is famous in India since ages for its colour, aroma, soothing & calm effects. Along with the changing trends & fashion due to the popularity of Indian traditions & our culture henna has become an international product. Known for its uses & benefits as a dye, for tattoos, temporary body art & for obtaining natural shine &growth of hairs. It is now produced, manufactured & exported across political boundaries of India by us to our clients.

Organic Black henna for body art

Black henna a naturally occurring, skin friendly and safe to use kind of a product is used in recent times as a body decor weapon with no artificial additives to bright up the body showcasing antique art. Through black henna body art, you can fulfill your wish without any harm.

Black Henna for Body Art

Organic Black henna for hair

Adding to your hairs a new look with new colour, softness,  shine and enriching your hair with henna extracts, black henna is an organic product that can be used fir all types of hairs. It helps to obscure your dull darker colour of hairs giving pleasant aroma. It’s mainly used as a dye for hairs and we through providing good quality black henna to our clients can stop them form the use of dyes possessing artificial chemicals in it.

Black henna for tattoos

To have a shiny & attractive tattoo on your body out product is the best suited one made with using fresh henna which is properly grinded using natural ingredients and undergoing various filtration processes.  Black henna made primarily with the use of natural henna is safe & free from PPD. We assure you to provide with the best henna for tattoo examined by research and observations.

Mehndi tattoo

From traditions to adding it a glimpse of western touch the tattoo made from mehndi are in trend that is mostly found in foreign countries where Indian tradition of applying mehndi has taken a new form. The fashion of applied in the form of tattoo giving it an Indo-Western look. Our national mehndi for tattoo will give an extraordinary look with no harm as it is made by natural henna.

Nayab herbal henna powder

Made from the extracts of henna leaves & herbs. We offer you the best mixtures throughout specialty liked by clients.  Herbal henna promising to provide a soothing & calm effect that will satisfy you and your desires of having oil free, healthy, long hairs as a beautiful outcome.

Organic Henna

Our products of organic henna are made from 100% original henna leaves from Rajasthan used since ages having a natural herbal colorant our henna’s nourishment and shine increasing characteristic satisfies our clients with products of best quality & completely herbal & natural henna.

Organic henna for hair

Due to our best rigorous process of making organic henna powder. It natural conditions hair & proves to be q smart colorant adding to the richness of shine and smoothness. We are also engaged in offering straight to the door opportunity for people outside India.

Organic Black Henna for Hair

Permanent henna tattoo

We supply Henna made form leaves of henna plant from Sojat(India) famous for its henna. Tattoos made from henna are eco-friendly. Day by day demand of henna for tattoos is increasing motivated by Indian traditions. If you have a fantasy of having a tattoo & don’t want to go for harmful inked ones henna tattoo is the best option. Even the best of Organic Henna powder is of the opinion that using of henna does not compare to any kind of shampoo or hair products made with artificial chemicals. We are known as Henna Mehandi Powder Supplier Germany


Catering to so many benefits and uses in the modern time, henna brings as a surprise and pride for we Indians. Same is the case with henna its characteristics, constituents and nutrient value makes it distinguished from others. But the uses have been redefined now we’ll experience more & more additions to it. To keep pace with it we promise to provide best quality supply of henna safe and eco-friendly maintaining long term relationship goals with out clients.

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We do hope that this guide has been helpful to you; please let us know if you have any concerns or further questions by contacting us directly.

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