Black Mehndi Tattoo

Black Mehandi Tattoos, Made from Pure and natural henna, this classic henna cone will give you a henna pattern color dark brown Its applied on Hand & foot. Nowadays people are crazy about the custom tattoo designs by henna in the tattoo industry. Day by day the demand for the tattoos of henna is increasing. This category of tattoo is motivated by the Indian tradition. The other reason for its popularity is no use of chemical products to remove it. A henna tattoo does not require the use of needles and is totally painless, which is another benefit of this type of creative body art.


From traditions to adding it a glimpse of western touch the Black Mehndi Tattoo is in the trend that is mostly found in foreign countries where Indian tradition of applying mehndi has taken a new form. The fashion of applied in the form of tattoo giving it an Indo-Western look. Our national mehndi for the tattoo will give an extraordinary look with no harm as it is made by natural henna.


  • In case of having henna as a tattoo material, it is the best ideology to have temporary shiny tattoos with henna.
  • It fulfills your desire of having tattoo temporarily and as a new trend makes it attractive too.
  • It is extremely easy to create the natural henna powder.

How to prepare?

It’s as easy as preparing an applier of mehndi for your hands. Make a paste of henna powder by taking it approx. 1/4th cup and adding water to it in the same proportion as an additive add lime juice in it. Stir it well in one direction avoiding lumps to make a proper paste.

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