Organic Henna Powder

  • High-quality
  • 100% certified Organic Henna Powder
  • Effectively dye the hair
  • Chemical-free hair color

Our products  of Organic Henna Powder is made from 100% original henna leaves from Rajasthan used since ages having a natural herbal colorant our henna’s nourishment and shine increasing characteristic satisfies our clients with products of best quality & completely herbal & natural henna.


  • Organic henna will make your skin moist, soft and smooth avoiding any harmful damages to be caused.
  • Organic henna is the best natural way to have moisture and act as an agent of beauty product.

How to prepare?

To prepare Organic Henna Powder the leaves of henna plant should be grind and a powder from it. The powder should be mixed with water and lime juice also to make it shiny and moist some amount of oil should be added. It proves to be the best for applying on hands.

Why organic henna from us?

We provide organic henna possessing best nutrient rich henna when applied gives the best colour and mesmerizing odour from it which blows up the mind and gives a calm and soothing effect. Also henna with purity and natural mix has the premium quality.

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