Pure Henna Powder

  • Smooth Hair
  • Hair Strength
  • Protect Scalp
  • Hair conditioner
  • Keep your hair shiny
  • Brown Color
  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Excellent fashion colours

Made from the extracts of henna leaves & herbs. We offer you the best mixtures through our specialty liked by clients.  Herbal henna promising to provide soothing & calm effect that will satisfy you and your desires of having oil free, healthy, long hairs as a beautiful outcome.

How to prepare?

This is the mixture of different henna provided to our clients having special demands for henna. Also, we are experts to provide these at reasonable prices with best quality.


  • The most vital benefit of this Pure Henna Powder is that it is available as a specialty with us and can be easily grabbed.
  • With this mixture you can have lot more benefits as u can use it as an agent of applying it for mehndi for traditional purpose
  • For using it for your hairs to have smooth soft and silky hairs.

Why to have Pure Henna from us?

This nayab henna mixture powder is beneficial in many ways and helps to cure hair loss, helps in strengthening hair scalp, hair loss, and turns grey hairs with natural colour.

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